Unidentified Flying Objects

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Mostly Sceptics’ resources

Jan Adrich’s Project 1947

Billy Booth’s megalinks on About.com

British UFO Research Association

Flying Saucery by David Clarke and Andy Roberts

David Clarke, Paul Fuller, Jenny Randles, Andy Roberts & Martin Shough: The Lakenheath Connection

Bernard Haisch’s UFO Skeptic

John Hayes’s UFOINFO

Royce Myers: UFO Watchdog

James Oberg’s site

Royston Paynter’s Scientific skepticism, UFOs and the flying saucer myth

Tim Printy’s UFOs: a skeptical view

Ian Ridpath’s Ufo Skeptic Pages

Robert Sheaffer’s The UFO skeptic’s page

Virtually Strange

Mostly Believers’ resources

B J Booth’s UFO Casebook

Larry Hatch’s UFO database

The J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies

Nathan’s UK-UFO

Aerial Phenomena Research Agency

Archives for UFO Research

Fund for UFO Research Inc.

Mutual UFO Network

NICAP, the (US) National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena

Scot UFO’s site

UFO Evidence

UFO Pictures

UFO seek


Magonia Extra

James Moseley’s Saucer Smear

Flying Saucer Review


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Incident or site specific

Martin Kottmeyer’s Resolving Arnold (Part 1) from The REALL News 5 (6) (June 1997), with Part 2 in the next issue, here

Erling Strand’s Project Hessdalen

Dave Thomas’s The Roswell Incident and Project Mogul from Skeptical Inquirer 19 (4) (July/August 1995)

Reports and documents

The Condon Report

The USA National Security Agency’s UFO files released under the Freedom of Information Act

NICAP’s Official (USA Government) UFO Documents

UK-UFO’s Released (UK) Government UFO Documents

Local groups (Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire)

Hertfordshire UFO Research Team

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